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Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet

Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet

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Get ready for a woolly good time with our Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet! Hey there, fun-loving parents-to-be—this crib sheet is a playful blend of whimsy and sophistication for your little one's cozy crib.

Crafted from a soft, stretchy polyester jersey knit, this crib sheet is like a cloud of snuggles for your baby. Just like those favorite leggings you can't live without, it's both comfortable and durable, making it perfect for all the adventures with parenthood.

Now, hold on to your hats, 'cause the design on this crib sheet is about to have you grinning from ear to ear! Imagine a bunch of whimsical cartoon sheep hopping in a line, one after the other—what a sight to behold! These adorable little fluffballs are alternating in colors, with some as pure white as a fluffy cloud, and others as cool as a playful gray sky. Against the soft white background, this sheep hopscotch will surely light up your baby's face with joy.

As you tuck your little one in for the night, the delightful sight of these hopping sheep will set the stage for the sweetest dreams. It's a magical blend of whimsy and wonder, and your baby will love exploring this fluffy world in dreamland.

Our Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet is not just any ordinary nursery bedding—it's a whimsical masterpiece that brings joy and charm to your baby's sleep space. Whether you're a cowboy fan or a sheep enthusiast, this crib sheet is all about bringing smiles and delight.

So, jump into the fun and add a touch of playfulness to your baby's nursery with our Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet. Your little one will drift off to sleep with a hop, skip, and a jump, while you'll be grinning from the cuteness overload.

Get ready to hop on this delightful crib sheet! It's time to snuggle up with those whimsical sheep and create a cozy wonderland for your baby. Don't miss out on the cuteness—grab our Sheep Hopscotch Crib Sheet today! It's sheer joy for your little lamb's nursery!


Made from jersey knit polyester
96% polyester / 4% spandex


Handsewn to fit a standard crib mattress (28 x 52 inches)

Care information

Machine-wash warm, tumble dry low, with no bleach additives.

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