Mushroom Themed Nursery Inspo - Featuring Woodland Mushroom Meadow

Nature themed nurseries are gaining popularity, and for good reason! What a fun, simple way to bring the calmness of nature indoors. I am so excited to bring you inspiration for you mushroom themed nursery!

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Color Palette:

Choose a soft and calming color palette with nature tones. Sage greens, soft yellows, tans, browns are all a good place to start! 

Wall Decor:

Use mushroom/woodland decals, or fun nature and mushroom themed wall decor to tie the theme together. These mushroom floating shelves would be such a fun way to add a small nod to the theme!

Mural or Wallpaper:

Consider a woodland mural or wallpaper as a focal point on one wall. 


Opt for furniture in neutral tones to complement the soft color palette. White or light-colored wood furniture can create a clean and airy feel. This boho style light-wood dresser would be a great fit!

Bedding and Linens:

Choose bedding with mushroom or woodland motifs or patterns. A crib or toddler bed with mushroom details can add a whimsical touch. Our Woodland Mushroom Meadow crib sheet is a fun subtle-way to add mushrooms to your nursery and help bring the outdoors in.

Mobiles and Hanging Decor:

Hang woodland mobiles from the ceiling or use strings of paper mushrooms to create a dreamy effect. This woodland mobile would be such a cute option!

Soft Furnishings:

Integrate plush rugs, throw pillows, and curtains with butterfly patterns or embroidery. This adds texture and warmth to the nursery. This cream colored blackout curtain is another great option as it can grow with your child as they change themes.


Create a cozy reading corner with a bookshelf filled with woodland-themed books. Use mushroom-shaped bookends to add a decorative touch.

Remember to prioritize safety in the nursery design, ensuring that all furniture and decor adhere to safety standards. With these ideas, you can create a beautiful and enchanting mushroom nursery for your little one to enjoy.


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