We're off to See the Wizard!

We're off to See the Wizard!

I must admit something to you guys. I'm a bit old school. My favorite movie of all time is Wizard of Oz. There is something about that movie that is absolutely mesmerizing to me. Every time I watch it, I always find some new detail that I had never noticed before. I suppose that's the same for every movie, but this one always takes my breath away. I love the plot (even though it doesn't follow the books to a T. This typically drives me in sane, but I somehow am able to overlook it for this one.), and all of its many underlying themes.

So, when my friend came to me and asked me to do her housewarming party invitations in the Wizard of Oz theme I was (1) a little jealous that she bought a house before I did and (2) could not be more excited about this project!

She shared some nice and creative photos from her party which I have posted here to help inspire you to throw such a housewarming!

I love how creative her food titles were. If you notice many of her labels have some really fun names to them!

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