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So Thankful for God's Precious Gift - Birth Announcement

A new mommy of a little, precious baby girl wanted to welcome her into the world by sending out birth announcements during the Thanksgiving season. We collaborated on this design coupled with a pretty baby pink envelope. The color scheme included a nice light gold accent to give it a little bit of a fall feeling to it. I really wanted to give it a soft, fun vibe. I decided to pull an element from one of my other designs (Bubbly Invitations) to give it that airy flare. It was a nice subtle add to an otherwise simple design.

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Gimme S'more Gender Reveal Parties!

When I got the prompt for this gender reveal party, I couldn’t wait! We went with a camping theme to incorporate s’mores as the focal point for the gathering. Tossing in the age-old nursery rhyme, “Twinkle, twinkle little star how we wonder what you are” just fit perfectly for this social event! To integrate the invitation theme for the party, we also designed some water bottle labels. The hosts creatively colored the letters on Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars to amp up the excitement for the big unveiling as people assembled their own s'mores. They revealed the gender by setting up paint filled balloons on a canvas. The expecting parents threw darts at the canvas while they were...

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Real Weddings: Gold & Mint Summer Wedding

A refined batch of glimmery gold and mint wedding invitations was in the stars for this couple! The overwhelmed bride came to me and said, "Do what you think looks best." So we just sat together chatting about her plans for the big day as I started designing. The eager bride and groom's vision for a nice spring wedding started to became a reality as I sat with her and designed while she was describing all of her plans. She wanted something simple and sophisticated... nothing too over the top, but elegant at the same time. Luckily I'm also a close friend of the bride and groom and was able to also sneak in and take a few photos of their big day....

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Pink 'Pulitzer' Roses Wedding Suite

This design I did ended up slightly 'Pulitzer-esque.' A similar pink watercolor rose wedding invitation design was brought to me to 'sort of' mimic. Below you can see a few inspiration photos to pull the look together. For those of you who might not know, Lilly Pulitzer is most popular for her line of brightly colored *typically watercolor inspired* 'resort-ware' clothing. Her story is quite interesting. In short, she eloped in 1950. Her and her husband settled in Palm Beach, Florida. They owned an orange grove so she started a juice stand, but her clothes would always get stained. She decided to make herself some brightly patterned dresses to mask the stains. Her clients fell in love with her dresses and soon she was selling...

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