Gimme S'more Gender Reveal Parties!

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When I got the prompt for this gender reveal party, I couldn’t wait! We went with a camping theme to incorporate s’mores as the focal point for the gathering. Tossing in the age-old nursery rhyme, “Twinkle, twinkle little star how we wonder what you are” just fit perfectly for this social event!Smore Gender Reveal Marshmallows

To integrate the invitation theme for the party, we also designed some water bottle labels. The hosts creatively colored the letters on Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars to amp up the excitement for the big unveiling as people assembled their own s'mores.

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They revealed the gender by setting up paint filled balloons on a canvas. The expecting parents threw darts at the canvas while they were blindfolded.It took a few tries, but they finally popped!

This was a creative and fun invitation that I enjoyed making for the hosts. The gender reveal party invites were designed to couple dark blue shimmery envelopes which really pop with white ink. The casual design is a perfect pair with modern, block styled calligraphy (photographed below).

Smore Gender Reveal Invitation

While I didn't attend this party, I still did some research on how they put this together. Here are a few supplies that you will need to make this inspiring party idea a reality for your gender reveal.

Did you know that you can buy marshmallows that are already square? I didn't before searching for them! Kraft Jet Puffed S'moremallows are the way to go for this party. Not only do they make for a great picture but they also fit your graham cracker!

smore marshmallows

Of course, you can't have a s'more without a chocolate bar. To put the play on words Hershey's Milk Chocolate is the chocolate of choice for a gender reveal party! You can color in the first 3 letters in pink and the second set of HE in blue! Everyone will love it.

Here's a nice DIY tutorial on how to put your s'more station together! Click Here

There are tons of other creative ways to how you can reveal the gender. I'd love to hear from you! How did you reveal the gender at your party? Add your comments below.

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