Safe & Reliable

During these unprecedented times, we want to remain transparent with our customers in how we manage, design, and fulfill the items we sell. We care about your safety and health just as much as our own. Below is what we are doing to protect you and us.

- Order Fulfillment -

Printed Items

Currently, we do not handle any printing of products. We hand select our printers and ensure quality products are shipped to you. For the most part, orders from our trusted printers are local and we pick up products from them directly. While we are quality checking your products, we wash our hands prior to handling the product. Everyone in our shop is fully vaccinated with boosters.

Non-Printed Items

I am a small business owner, all I need for a warehouse at this moment is an office room in my house! The office room is located in our garage separate from the rest of our home. We do own dogs if that is a concern. Most items are made to order by our trusted vendors. They are stored in drawers where I conduct business. When orders are ready to be fulfilled, they are assembled, packed, and shipped I wash my hands before handling any products. I am fully vaccinated and do not wear a mask in the production/packing process. However, I am willing to do so if you are concerned about contamination. Simply leave a comment in your order so we know to handle your products with the utmost care and cleanliness.

- Delayed Shipments -

In the event a shipment is delayed due to unavailability of our print suppliers, we will contact you promptly to let you know of the delay and refund you for the physical products ordered if you choose not to wait for the products to be ready.