Daisy Nursery: Featuring Field Of Daisies

When planning a nursery for your little girl, daisies can be a great place to get started! Daisies are colorful, beautiful, and a wonderful accent to add a touch of happiness. Ah! I'm getting excited, let's talk the specifics!

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  1. Color Scheme:

    • Choose a soft and calming color palette. Light shades of pink, yellow, and green work well for a daisy-themed nursery.
  2. Wall Decor:

    • Use daisy wall decals or wallpaper to create a floral accent wall.
    • Frame cute daisy prints or paintings.
  3. Furniture:

    • Opt for white or light-colored furniture to maintain a bright and airy feel. Many are into the bo-ho theme, and it mixes so well with daisies! This bo-ho style dresser is a wonderful choice for a light-colored option that can go with many different themes.
  4. Bedding:

  5. Accessories:

    • Add daisy-shaped throw pillows to the crib or rocking chair.
    • Hang daisy garlands or mobiles from the ceiling. This daisy mobile is to die for!
  6. Flooring:

    • Use a soft, plush rug with daisy motifs.
  7. Storage:

    • Incorporate cute daisy storage bins or baskets for organizing baby essentials. Or another option is to go for a pastel option like this lavender woven basket.
  8. Window Treatments:

    • Install curtains or blinds with a daisy pattern or in light, neutral colors. I like these cream colored blackout curtains as it goes with so many themes and they have a nice, clean look.
  9. Personal Touch:

    • Consider personalized items such as a name sign with daisy accents.
    • Frame ultrasound pictures or baby photos in daisy-themed frames.

Remember to keep the space comfortable and safe for the baby while maintaining the daisy theme. Enjoy creating a beautiful and welcoming nursery!

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