3 Reasons Why Formal Invitation Wording is Important

Whether you’re a seasoned invitee or the first of your clan to accumulate a rock on your finger, starting the wedding invitation search can be quite overwhelming sometimes. One thing you might notice is that many of the invitations you see offer several different wording options. But, what do these different wedding invitation wordings all mean? Is there a method to the madness! The easy answer is, yes! For several reasons… Here we discuss the reasons why, and hopefully help you make your decision easier when you decide to jump into the world of paper goods and planning.

Reason 1: Each portion of your wedding invitation wording has its own importance.

Each portion of your wedding invitation wording has its own importance. Here are a few items to make sure you mention, even if you do not want to go the traditional route on your invitations.

The Host Line

Usually someone is generally funding a large portion of the big day. The host line is one of the many forms of gratitude you can offer in appreciation in hosting such an important event in your lives.

The Request Line

The request line lets your guests know how traditional and religious the wedding is. “request the honour of your presence” is traditional and religious, whereas “request the pleasure of your company” is located at a non-religious institution.

Bride & Groom Line

Of course, you’re guests want to know who’s wedding they are being invited to! And knowing tradition, it’s not quite as easy as you would think. Here are some etiquette tips when it comes to this portion of your wedding invitation wording.

  • Use the word “to” between the bride and groom. Unless grammatically, it doesn’t make sense.

Date & Time Line

Obviously, your guests need to know what day and what time to show up! But that’s not all this tidbit of information entails. The time is very important! It determines whether you are expected to serve a true meal or just appetizers at your reception. It also lays the setting of how people should dress. If it’s an evening soiree then people are more likely to dress more formally than if they were planning to attend an afternoon brunch wedding.

Location Line

Not only does this line provide the opportunity for your guests to begin making travel arrangements (if they need to), it also offers them the capability to take a look at pictures of your venue online to find out how formal they need to dress. Unless noted on the invitation, someone attending a barnyard wedding will more than likely not show up in an evening gown or tux.

RSVP Line (optional)

If you plan on creating a wedding website for your guests to respond to the invitations, then a response card can be nixed from your invitation suite…which is pretty sweet! It saves you the money on postage for the response return and card..not to mention the hassle of keeping up with all of them! You’ll have a live update daily of who has and hasn’t responded. If you are inviting more people less likely to know how to use the good ol’ Internet, you may want to opt into the traditional response card anyway. If you choose not to include a reply card, alternatively your wedding invitation wording can include a rsvp line at the bottom to inform guests where to leave their reply.

Reason 2: Your guests don’t see your wedding planning like you do.

Source: Oh How Darling Blog

No one more than the couple planning the wedding (and possibly your wedding planner!) knows every aspect of your big day. Your guests don’t and can’t see your plans like you do until they come into fruition on the wedding day (which might be a good thing at times)! This is one of the very few tangible things your guests will have to go off of as a reminder, and as a guide to know what key elements (including your design & wedding invitation wording) you want them to take out of your wedding and reception.

Reason 3: Tradition and etiquette aside, your wedding reflects your personality and style as a couple.

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Your invitations are more than likely going to be one of the simplest, and cheapest items to keep as a memoir of your wedding day. Not only is it a first impression for your guests, it is also a unique representation of who you are as a couple.

Parts of a Wedding Invitation - Invitation Etiquette

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