Thank your friends and family for attending your wedding by giving them a gift that sparkles! These pretty sparkler holders will showcase your send off decorations and give your attendees a great gift to take home in a nice package!

    Product Details

    Product Specs

    • Product Dimensions: 3.25" x 11"
    • Template/Printable provides 2 sparkler holders per sheet.
    • Want us to print it for you? No problem! Select the "Print it for me" option. This includes 25 holders with 30 pre-cut ribbons.

    Instructions on Assembly:

    Note: If you are having Lindsay Ann Artistry print for you, you only need to follow steps 5-7. A ribbon is provided with the "Print for me" option.

    1. Print template on a letter sized cardstock on an inkjet or laser printer.
    2. Trim along the thin black lines.
    3. Use a hole punch to punch holes approximately 1 inch from the edge of each side. (Crosshairs have been provided on the template to help with placement.)
    4. Use a precision knife to cut a slit for the top of the sparkler to slide through. For 1-2 sparklers we recommend cutting a 1.25" wide cut. (A small line is on the template to help with centering.)
    5. Pull a sparkler (or two!) through the slit
    6. Thread a ribbon through the holes at the bottom starting from the front and threading through to the top on the opposite side.
    7. Tie a ribbon along the front to secure the sparkler.

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