When your guests open their mailbox to see our gold square flapped envelopes, their breath will be taken away. They'll hold the beautiful golden envelope and imagine just what kind of event merits such decadence. Keep our gold envelopes in mind whenever you want your guests to feel as royal as could be. After all, who doesn't want to open their mailbox to find some gold?

The gold square flapped envelopes are rectangular in shape with firm corners and well creased edges. The squared closing flap is guaranteed to offer a secure seal to keep your invitations in pristine condition. Their sheer face boasts a modern, regal beauty that exudes sophistication and grace. Truly, these envelopes are as functional as they are elegant

Add the gold square flapped envelopes to your order today to ensure your invitations are received in the best possible way.  If these ones aren’t the color for you, don’t worry! These gorgeous envelopes come in a variety of vibrant hues so that you have the chance to find the perfect fit for your event.

Product Details

Product Specs: #10 Envelopes are approximately 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"

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