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Roar Like a Dinosaur - Boy's Birthday Party

Coming up with your boy's birthday party theme shouldn't be too difficult if he already loves dinosaurs. Decorating should come easy if he already owns dinosaur action figures. You can utilize his action figures as centerpieces! Read this post for some inspiring photos and great ideas for your toddlers upcoming birthday party.

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Transformers Birthday Party

Should transformers get car insurance or life insurance? ...ok ok I know... bad joke. But, at least this four year old won't have to worry about either one of those things for quite some time. This adorable little tyke knows how to keep his parents on their toes. When his mom asked what type of party he wanted, he eagerly stated he wanted a surprise party for his fourth birthday. So they 'surprised' him with a transformers birthday party at one of the many locations for Wonderwild, an indoor playground that can be rented out for parties such as theirs. I just had to jump on this opportunity to design his very own Optimus Prime themed invitation complete with the details...

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