Spring Books for Baby

Spring-themed books for babies can be a delightful way to introduce them to the season and its elements and reading with your baby has SO many advantages. Here are some suggestions:

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  1. "My Spring Robin" by Anne Rockwell

    • This book follows a little girl as she observes the arrival of a robin and the signs of spring. 
  2. "Baby Loves Spring!" by Karen Katz

    • Karen Katz's board books are colorful and engaging for babies. This one celebrates the joys of spring.            
  3. "Mouse's First Spring" by Lauren Thompson

    • In this book, Mouse and Minka explore the wonders of springtime together.                                                     
  4. "In the Tall, Tall Grass" by Denise Fleming

    • Although not exclusively about spring, this book features vibrant illustrations of various creatures in the grass, making it a great fit for the season.                                                    
  5. "Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt" by Kate Messner

    • This book takes children on a journey through the garden, exploring both what's above the ground and what's happening below during spring.                                                                  
  6. "Spring Is Here" by Will Hillenbrand

    • A charming story about Bear, who is eager to wake up from hibernation and experience the joys of spring.        
  7. "Abracadabra, It's Spring!" by Anne Sibley O'Brien

    • This book celebrates the magic of spring with its rhyming text and colorful illustrations.                                 
  8. "Spring: A Pop-up Book" by David Carter

    • This pop-up book introduces simple concepts of spring in an interactive and engaging way for little ones.           
  9. "I See Spring" by Charles Ghigna

    • A simple and visually appealing book that introduces various signs of spring to babies.                                       
  10. "Plant the Tiny Seed" by Christie Matheson

    • This interactive book encourages children to participate in the growing process of flowers and plants during spring. 

Remember to choose books with sturdy pages and simple, and bright illustrations suitable for babies' visual development. Happy reading!

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