Kerens Cotton Harvest Festival 2011

We finally did it! I was a vendor in my first booth at the Kerens Cotton Harvest Festival this year. I wanted to take the time to share some photos of all the fun stuff that occurred and include some booth photos too.

I shared a booth with my mom and mother-in-law. We each had our own table and had various crafts available for sale. Just to name a few things, I made some camera straps, candles, baby booties, hand painted ornaments, and gift tags. I also set up some AVON pamphlets and products to fill the space.

My mom sold some hair ribbons, blankets, soft baby toys, and various other embroidered and crocheted items.

My mother-in-law sold all sorts of stuff too! She had some crocheted items, jewelry, and decorative hair clips.


To start the Kerens Cotton Harvest Festival off in flying colors, they had an air show planned for everyone. The pilots flew over in great style as people started to peruse the streets lined with booths and delicious food.During the event, this little kid stopped to hug this chihuahua right in front of our booth. I thought it was super adorable and sweet so I snapped this candid delight.

After all the shopping was over, the fun was just getting started. Hot air balloon rides were about to begin! One was even getting prepped for showtime in our backyard!

I was able to cross something off my bucket list today! Ever since I fell in love with the Wizard of Oz book series, I've wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon. This one didn't take me over a rainbow or anything, but I got to go high enough to enjoy it a little bit. I would definitely do it again; it would be neat to take an extended trip in one like OZ (with or without the detour to Munchkinland)

Overall, I had a great time working with my family and taking part of the events the Kerens Cotton Harvest Festival had planned to entertain everyone. It also helped that it was right next door from our house!


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